Friday, June 25, 2010

Group G permutations

Brazil are qualified, Portugal are almost guaranteed qualification, Ivory Coast are practically eliminated and North Korea are out...but that does not mean all issues are sorted. It's Brazil v Portugal and Ivory Coast v North Korea...let's look at the permutations.

Brazil have qualified. They only need a draw to finish top. If they lose they will finish second.

Portugal will qualify top with a win and second with a draw. They are also incredibly likely to finish 2nd with a loss as well. To miss out there would have to be a 9 or 10 goal swing - something like Ivory Coast to win 7-0 and Brazil to win 2-0.

Ivory Coast can only qualify if they couple a big win with a big Portugal loss - a 9 or 10 goal swing in total (see above). Otherwise they are eliminated. They are basically playing for pride.

The best North Korea can do is to finish 3rd - to do so they would need to beat the Ivory Coast.

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