Friday, June 18, 2010

Embrace the vuvuzela

The case against the vuvuzela: Vuvuzela are loud and for many people, obnoxious and annoying. They spoil the TV viewing pleasure in which it comes across as a constant swarm of buzzing bees - and the wonderful inventive chants of the football fan are not heard. At the game it must be annoying for some spectators to have the vuvuzela constantly blown in their ears - and there's little point of them trying to start chants as they will just get drowned out. Vuvuzela also make it difficult for communication on the pitch. Vuvuzela may cause hearing damage.

The case for the vuvuzela. This is African culture, it is the way South Africans support football - they should be embraced and not considered with disdain. It is something unique about this World Cup. Vuvuzela are blown in the street day and night, why should they be banned from the game? Some people say it creates good atmosphere.

Conclusion: I am not a fan of the vuvuzela. Although watching on TV I have learnt to block it out/not be annoyed by it I would much rather hear football singing. And I sympathise with all the anti vuvuzela sentiment. However I think banning them would be wrong - it would be denying a football culture from expressing itself in its own unique way. People need to suck it up, stop whinging and move on. Try embracing the vuvuzela - if you can't beat it join it! The most I could agree to is a noise level restriction on the individual vuvuzela.

Now all that remains is for you to practise blowing the vuvuzela here.

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