Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ukraine joy, Swiss despair.

Ukraine 0-0 Switzerland, 0-0 a.e.t, 3-0 PSO

This was possibly the most boring game of the world cup with few decent chances, and only one offside in 120 minutes of action typifying both teams emphasis on defence. Both Shevchenko and Frei, star men of their respective teams, struck the crossbar - Shevchenko with a glancing header, Frei with a hard struck free kick.

Penalties seemed inevitable and it was Ukraine who showed the better nerves. Despite Shevchenko having Ukraine's first penalty saved they converted their next three while Switzerland converted none of theirs. Barnetta was unlucky as his struck the crossbar but Streller and Cabanas both hit poor efforts leaving Shovkovskiy with comfortable saves.

Very disappointing for the Swiss who become the first team to be eliminated at any world cup finals without conceding in open play. I was hoping they could progress if only for the coach Koebi Kuhn who appears such a genial character. Many of the Swiss team impressed at the world cup, none more so than Barnetta.

The referee took reffing to another extreme. Whilst other refs have been criticised for handing out too many yellow cards, this one was very reticent to show any when perhaps a few were in order. Can't anyone get the balance right?

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