Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A bit of a dilemma!

With the final group games played simultaneously television viewers face a bit of a crisis as to which game to watch live. With a few groups having 'dead rubbers' it becomes obvious as to which to watch. But for other groups both games will decide the outcome. I'm pretty sure I know which I'll choose for most, but a few of the choices are a bit difficult.

But it's once the choice has been made that the dilemma gets more difficult. Is it possible to then watch a replay of the second game without at least having a vague knowledge of what has just happened? If I watched England beat Sweden I would be able to tell on the faces of the Swedes how Trinidad and Tobago had gone in their final encounter. They would be distraught had T&T won 3-0 and sneaked into second spot. They wouldn't be too worried though if that game had petered out into a 0-0 draw. So how can we the television viewer avoid knowing the group standings before watching a replay of that other game played simultaneously? Is it even possible? It's going to be particularly horrible when it comes to group E.

Perhaps I should turn the TV off with ten minutes to go, and then wait to watch the other game. Or perhaps I should just listen to the last ten minutes of the game so I have less of an inkling of what is happening in the other. Or maybe I should simply bite the bullet, not give a damn, and have to watch the other game having a rough idea what has happened. I would hate to do this though. Perhaps I should even flick between the two sky channels but this would interrupt my viewing of both games.

Dilemmas, dilemmas.


Scotty said...

Seems to me England were lucky to come away with a draw this morning given that Owen forgot which way a knee was supposed to bend and they had to rely on Cole to score (strikers anybody?).

Anyway there are some HUGE games coming up over the next few days you should be speculating on Fuss.

Netherlands v Argentina- HUGE game to determine top of Group C.

Australia v Croatia- As much as we love to hate the Aussies would be great to see an Oceania team make the round of 16 and maybe even further.

Both games in group E- nobody is guaranteed a place in the 16 and theoretically every team still has a chance!

France v Togo- Togo has to step up to keep those bloody Frogs out of the 16 again. All they have to do is put up a little bit of a fight and the Frech will promptly surrender.

William Fussey said...

Yes Scotty those games you note ARE huge, I would love to see the Aussies make the round of 16. And Group E is massive! Go Ghana and the Czech Republic!

Personally though I would rather the Frogs made it over Korea, hence I'm hoping for Swiss and France wins (or a Swiss draw and a France 2 goal win) to keep Korea out. They got lucky at 02 and have been rather lucky this time around and IMO don't really deserve it.

Lots of exciting games to go, sad to see we are already over half way through the tournament in terms of games played. Been some amazing games though but as you can see from my blog I can enthuse about all of them!

In some ways England were lucky, but in others unlucky, but more on that when I actually come to write my match summary.

scotty said...

FYI the Netherlands is paying $4.20 to beat Argentina tomorrow morning.


too bad I dont have $5 to put on it...