Friday, June 30, 2006

Quarter-finals are here!



A mammoth, massive, gigantic, huge, gargantuan, intriguing, exciting, fascinating, mouthwatering, orgasmic match-up. A repeat of both the 1986 and 1990 finals won by Argentina and Germany respectively. The hosts are in fine form, particularly on attack, and they come up against the magic of the Argentinians who entertain by the nature of the way they play the game. Argentinians extra squad depth with Tevez and Messi as likely substitutes could be seen to give them the edge, but then again Germany playing at home could be an even bigger advantage.

This is what the world cup is all about.

One of these teams will go home and the other will progress.

Shit, it's exciting isn't it?

Who do I want? I don't know - I have a lot of reasons to want neither to progress, and yet I enjoy watching both of them.

Who do I think? So hard to tell, hopefully the game will go to extra time though!

Italy - Ukraine.

Italy were rather lucky in their second round match, and they haven't exactly been inspiring at the world cup. But they defend well and like to sneak 1-0 wins. They have, on paper, the easiest quarter-final but Ukraine, appearing at their first tournament will have something to say about this. Maybe Shevchenko will properly fire for the first time at the tournament.

Should be interesting.

And who knows, maybe even more exciting than the other game, one can never be sure of these things. It is football after all!

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