Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Final round 2 previews.

Not many goals in the second round games thus far, I have a feeling this might change tonight.

Brazil vs Ghana.

Not sure who I want to win this one. I always like to see an African team make the quarterfinals, however it would be a shame to see such a great team as Brazil get knocked out at this relatively early stage. Robinho will be missing through injury for Brazi. More crucially Ghanain lynchpin Essien is suspended for the clash which will be a huge blow. There could be a few goals in this one, both teams love to attack.

Spain - France.

Hopefully Spain will win this one, they have a great squad and an exciting team whilst France have looked rather abject thus far. It's a one off game though and anything can happen, especially as France welcome back Zidane for the game.


scotty said...

Damn France.

Once again Spain chokes at a major tournamnet. They're almost as bad as the All Blacks!

Anyway I'm thinking now that France may very well step up and beat Brazil in the quarters. Why?

Firstly, Brazil have not really been challenged at this tournamnet yet. They're toughest game has been against Australia and as red hot tournament favorites there is every chance they will be very cocky.

Secondly, France haven't had a convincing win like that against a quality side like Spain in ages. Watch for some new found confidence in their immensely experienced (though aging) squad.

France are paying $4.75 to beat Brazil which is a bargain but scores level at full time is paying $3.30 which may be an even better deal.

So look for France in the semi-finals where, having beaten Brazil, they will be totally overconfident and get destroyed by Portugal (sorry England just being realistic).

You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

fuck off twat you obviously have no idea about football and more importantly how England play. Portugal might get lucky and sneek a win but i am strongly picking England to win this match although i do worry about scolari as he has beaten sven twice before. Cmon England! and Portugal destroying France nice one go back and support your stupid all blacks.

scotty said...

Shows what you know shithead

Anonymous said...

Sorry what was that portugal will destroy France in the semis? dont think so mate. Also like I said Portugal might get lucky and sure enough they did first with the Rooney red card then with the match going down to penalties, which obviously meant England would lose, like they have down so many times in the past. Like I said go back to supporting your stupid all blacks. Damn that felt good...