Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Groups C and D finish tonight!

Group C:

Argentina and Holland are both already through and now face each other. A draw or win will see the Argies finish top, Holland require a win. For the top of this group is a potentially easier road to the final. This will be a huge game from which we should be able to gauge better how both sides will fare as the tournament progresses.

The other game is a dead rubber for Ivory Coast and Serbia and Montenegro. Ivory Coast have been my 'unfortunate team of the tournament' and will hopefully finish off giving S & M a lively thrashing.

Group D:

Portugal are already through. To finish top of the group they require a draw or a win.

Mexico will qualify first if they win, second if they draw, and second/eliminated if they lose.

A Mexican loss combined with an Angola win will see goal difference decide which of these two teams goes through. The current margin of goal difference between the two sides is in favour of Mexico by 3 goals.

I expect Portugal to finish first and Mexico second, although I am naturally not writing off Angola. Whether Portugal or Mexico finish first or second may not matter too much to each of them as one of them will have to face the Dutch. The other the Argies. Both would be incredibly stern challenges.

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