Wednesday, June 21, 2006


How will suspensions and the threat of suspensions affect the final group games?

Some teams have key players suspended for the last game. Names like Gyan, Mustari (Ghana), Zidane (France) stand out immediately but there are others. Without their superstars will teams fail at the final hurdle or will they find the inner strength to overcome these difficulties? And then the teams who have already made it, some will no doubt rest their important players who are on yellows to ensure they are allowed to play in the second round. This again could affect results. Suspensions will play a key part in this world cup, make no bones about it.

The worst thing is when refs hand out harsh or needless yellow cards and we are deprived of seeing the best players in the most important games. Some of the refs have made poor yellow card decision. Gyan was unlucky for getting one for taking a penalty when he thought he could, but apparently he hadn't been given permission yet. Some refs should be a bit more lenient towards dissent also. These are matches fought with fraught emotion, the language is bound to get a little colourful at times.

Ref: If the guy deserves it, fair enough, he is justified in his suspensions. But think carefully before you flaunt the card. Maybe you are not justified. And if you are not I will be pissed off. And hopefully others will follow suit in feeling pissed off too!


andrewfalloon said...

Fussey, you know England will choke, they always do. They haven't beaten Sweden in like 40yrs. And then it gets even better- Germany.
Face it, you guys are shit :)

Oh, and so are Leeds. Who's your favourite Premiership team?? lol.

William Fussey said...

There's no such thing as a favourite premiership team, "lol"! I'm Leeds and I'm proud of it. Marching on together, who needs the showponies of the prem anyway!

And yes chances are England will choke, but I am more a football fan than I am an England fan, even if I do harbour a distant hope that the poms can bring back the jules rimet after 40 years of hurt!

And I'm sorry but after last nights results England will only face Germany if they both make the final. Chances are if they do make the final they will play Argentina (unless Argentina lose tonight against Holland), and then we could face them in the quarters should they beat the winners of group D (likely to be Portugal).