Friday, July 09, 2010

Round of 16. Match 6: Brazil 3-0 Chile

Brazil faced an exciting Chile side but in the end won quite comfortably. Chile did threaten at times through - mainly through Beausejour and Suazo's valiant efforts to create opportunities/force a goal. But some of their more exciting players were nullified by Brazil's dominance - so much so that Sanchez was reduced to relative anonymity. Chile's brightest play came in the first quarter of an hour and when Brazil took a 2-0 lead late in the first half there was never going to be a way back.

After the break Chile to their credit made a couple of changes to try and change the face of the game. Tello came on for Contreras and Valdivia replaced Gonzales. It made little difference as Brazil were still the side forcing the issue. Valdivia did have a couple of good moments and Suazo came closest to a goal with two shots from distance - one forcing a top save from Cesar, the second crashing into the crossbar. Ultimately though Brazil secured a 3-0 win in a fairly straightforward fashion. Most impressive were Juan who was exceptional at centre-back and Ramires who made many quality surging runs.

Brazil's goals: 1) On 34 minutes Juan powered in a bullet header from a Maicon corner. 2) On 37 minutes Fabiano rounded the keeper to score after some nice work by Robinho and Kaka. 3) Brazil took the advantage of the gaps that appeared as a consequence of Chile trying to get back into the game. Ramires made a good run before setting Robinho up for a brilliant curling finish.

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