Friday, March 16, 2007

Zimbabwe Ireland thriller!

A draw! Not very often this happens in cricket, and a great shock. Pity Ireland couldn't quite pull it off properly. Plus I reckon if you get the same number of runs, the team with the least wickets down should win. And if that were the case - Ireland with 9 down would have beaten the all out Zimbabweans.

It's a bit of a disaster how bad Zimbabwe have become thanks to the corrupt regime of Mugabe. They used to have a solid team with the likes of Flower (x2), Vermeulen, Campbell, Strang Olonga etc.


Michael said...

Not to mention Neil Johnson, Murray Goodwin, Stuart Carlisle, Tatenda Taibu....
bring back Everton Matambanadzo!

Cactus Kate said...

I look forward to Ireland becoming a cricketing superpower.