Monday, March 26, 2007

Confidence in the police?

If there is any group of people we need confidence in, it is the police. When I was young I was always taught: if you are lost a policeman will help you find your way home, if you have a problem the nice policeman will help you etc.

But would you want that message drummed into your daughter if Brad Shipton was the policeman? I certainly wouldn't. Engaging in group sex with young females while on duty is bad enough but reading about his sex tape it's a lot worse than that. Biting on them till they bleed? Strangling to the point of black-out? Baton inserted vaginally and anally? Controlled rape role play? To name but a few.

This is suggested to have been a regular occurrence, revealing a police force with a disgusting pack mentality. It appears sexual activity often took place with girls who thought they were just being given a friendly lift home. There have also been a few allegations that quite a bit that has happened between police officers and young women has actually been rape but the females often haven't wanted to seek out the justice of the courts.

This whole story sickens me.

It might be consensual but by god it still undermines confidence in the police and their ethics.

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