Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sex Blogs

Apparently there are "nearly 7 million sex-related blogs"! It's a bit sad that people feel the need to discuss their most intimate moments on the net, even if they probably can be titillating reading at times. But I guess it's pretty similar to wanting to discuss any issue really. I suppose I should read some first if I really want to criticise!

Anyway, I would just like to reassure all my readers that none of my sex-life will ever be branded on the Internet! It's not really something I can ever see myself wanting to do! So all previous and future partners can sleep easily at night :)


bitterman said...

Thank goodness for that fussey! I dont think readers will want to know what you and your hand get up too!

Chris said...

The danger with this is that anyone can have an encounter/liason/romp with anyone else and then plaster it all over the net for the whole world to see. What is there to stop someone from describing what someone else is like in bed? Let's say you've had a big night out on the turps, you meet a hotfire chick, she takes you home to her place, you do the business, but due to alchohol your performance was a bit lacking. She then writes how crap you are in bed and sticks it on her blog. What you gonna do?

William Fussey said...

Very true Chris, although I think blog etiquette is to change the names of the people involved so they are not identifiable. Naturally as my performance is never lacking I don't have anything to worry about in that regard :p

Sam said...

Yes it is apparent the Fussy now has some pulling power and attemps to deface is visual apperance might seem vain attemps at ones own self gratification, however I am of the school that believes while you can grow to , adjust, or ignore, aspects of someone getting to know them is key. Fussy is an upstanding fellow.
Still dam ugly, who has a forehead that big!
Nice guy.
Sex is a subject that is exciting and interesting indeed , but there are times and places.
I for one don't kiss in tell IN PUBLIC! Please private afares are indeed private.
Some get there knickers off telling there little stories to strangers, all I can say is it show little or no respect for thoses involved.
p.s Fussy don't ever mention or provide refernce to your personal sex life even if its fleeting.
That would be an attempt at phycological terrorism.