Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bridlington Town

I'm originally from a farm just outside the town Bridlington (Brid) in England. Andrew Falloon has been asking who is actually my local football team. Bridlington Town I told him. Somewhere in the lower levels of the English football pyramid. Upon further questioning he realised I knew bugger all about them and he has kindly done some research for me :)

Apparently the 'Seasiders' are in the eighth tier of English Football. A pyramid that looks something like this:

(1) Premiership
(2) Championship
(3) League 1
(4) League 2

Then below that:

We, Bridlington Town AFC, are currently in the Northern Premier Division One or the eighth tier of the pyramid.

But that's pretty good considering there are 24 tiers and literally thousands of clubs in the English football pyramid!

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