Saturday, May 29, 2010

Player Profile Number 2: Angel di Maria

Angel di Maria of Argentina is a player I've never seen play. Up until recently I had barely even heard of him. What then makes me qualified to write about him? Nothing. But by putting something together based on reading from a number of different sources I can inform both myself and you about him. Why have I chosen to profile him? Because from the reading I have done, and the youtube clips I have watched, I get the feeling that he could do something very special at the World Cup.

Angel di Maria is 22 and is a left winger for Portugese champions Benfica. He has exceptional dribbling skills, pace, creativity, picks a good pass and has a venomous shot.

Angel has only played 8 games for the national side but has played for them at the Under 20 World Cup and the Under 23 Olympics, with starring roles for both. He has played 82 league games for Benfica (scoring ten goals) and is rumoured to be a target of big clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United. This last season has been his best ever in terms of goals to games ratio - scoring about one every 4 games.

Should he be given opportunities to impress at World Cup 2010 I am convinced that he will do so.

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