Saturday, October 10, 2009

SPAIN - Champions!!!!


Portugal 2-3 Germany
Croatia 1-1 Turkey, Turkey win on penalties
Netherlands 1-3 Russia (after extra-time)
Spain 0-0 Italy (Spain win on penalties)

Notable points:

Croatia Turkey was a tour de force with Croatia taking the lead in the 119th minute (1 minute remaining of extra-time) and Turkey somehow managing an equaliser in the dying seconds. Croatia were unlucky in this game. Russia's victory over the Netherlands was massive, particularly after Holland had thrashed some big names in the group stages


Germany 3-2 Turkey
Russia 0-3 Spain

Germany-Turkey involved two teams I detest! But what an exciting game it was, and Turkey were unlucky after such a spirited and quality performance. Spain were dominant, an interesting final loomed.


Germany 0-1 Spain

Spain were champions and deserved champions. A mercurial football country who always promised so much and delivered so little finally had a trophy. Fantastic stuff :)

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