Saturday, May 05, 2007


Sorry I haven't posted for a little while but my bitterness has meant that I haven't felt like it.

On Sunday 29th April I went on the internet - heart in my mouth as usual - to check out the Championship scores. As soon as I discovered that we'd drawn after a last minute Ipswich equaliser, and Hull had beaten Cardiff, I knew this meant we had been relegated. The first time in our 88 year history we had been sent down to play in the third tier of English Football.

I started to cry. Tears ran freely down my face. It's not the first time I've cried sitting on a computer at Uni, I'm surprised no-one has caught me yet haha!

People don't really understand how bad I feel. I spend over an hour practically every day reading about Leeds on the sites, message boards etc, sometimes up to 3+ hours (yes I am a saddo). Since my whole life is practically subsumed with hope and worry for Leeds, since I exert so much of my energies on my favourite team, the fact that everything has come to so goddamn terrible.

I just sat there crying.

Since then I have felt anger, and I have felt flat. Just plain old dejected. A bit like the 2006 playoff final except worse.

The cycle of tears, anger and flatness is one I've become used to in 2007. It's not a nice cycle let me assure you.

I've kind of lost my interest in sport after the news. What with the Black Caps losing their semi-final as well.

I've just got to hope that sometime in the next 10 years we can get somewhere close to our previous glory.

I am Leeds United and I'm proud of it. Marching on Together. We Will be back.

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Michael said...

Once Leeds sort out their financial problems they should be sweet. Big population base and (still hopefully) high fan support. Lets hope they don't turn into a "Nottingham Forest" and drop anchor in League One!