Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Germany - Italy

Will the hosts reach the final or the Italians? Both teams have played well at the world cup, the Germans come off a much tougher game.

The portents:

In Italy's favour they seem to make the final every 12 years, they are due the appearance, they made the final (and won) the last time Italian football were embroiled in a scandal - 1982, and Italy have the upper hand over Germany in world cups. Italy with their renowned defence and dangerous attack will be a handful.

In Germany's favour the host nation often goes to the final, Italy have been stopped in their tracks by the host nation in the last two world cups, Germany won the tournament when it was last held on German soil. They are missing Torsten Frings but overall their team has played an exciting brand of football and may go into the match as favourites! And expect them to win if it reaches penalties.

Down to the last four, only one of the nations can win - pity I don't really like any of them. France are the best of a bad job I think.


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